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Expert Analysis & Insight

Objectives, Data, Understanding & Discovery

Aficionado offers bespoke analysis, advisory and strategic consultancy services to property businesses or anyone looking for guidance, advice or support in an increasingly complicated and only self regulated property industry and marketplace that has become ever more time consuming to navigate safely. 

Whether you are Residential Estate Agent, Lettings Agent, Developer, Landlord or Seller, or a combination of some or all, whatever you are looking to achieve, get in touch for an initial free consultation to see how we might be able to help you.


Estate Agents

Are you looking to grow the profitability of your business?

Lettings Agents

Are you confident your business is in healthy shape?


Are you looking for cradle to grave support?


Do you have an immediate challenge you need to resolve?


Are you looking for the best price and the best buyer?


Can you relax knowing you have got it all covered?

Consultancy Services

Fresh Perspective

Working together with a consultant has its advantages.   It's not simply a more cost-effective way to get things done without the medium or long-term commitment of employing someone, it's about the value-added gain.  A consultant brings a diversity of ideas and expertise from experiences working with other people and businesses, an objective, unbiased, independent perspective that can often not be found by those within.