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Training & Development

Make your people the best that they can be

Confident, credible and compliant are attributes of a well-trained and highly developed team who enjoy what they do and are who more likely to remain with the business.   

It makes the business trusted and safe for all stakeholders, which automatically makes it more profitable, creating continuity, adding layers to your recruitment brand and making growth of the business easier to implement.  Whilst that should be sufficient reason alone, remember licencing is around the corner, now is the time to get prepared.

Training & Development: Clients

How can we help?

Framework, Appraisals, Mentoring, Succession.

We have developed a framework that provides the required investment in training and developing each member of your team.    External training is key, and we have different content for negotiators, managers, listers, on sales craft, negotiation techniques, closing, leadership and management techniques which we have delivered and refined over and over again in the last 20 years.   These can be tailored to suit your business and needs, and delivered to individuals, or teams in a one to one basis, as a team, off site or in the business itself.

That framework includes a structured appraisal and feedback model, regular mentoring with the transparent aim of succession planning in the business that provides growth, continuity and focus for everyone.

We can help you develop and implement yours.

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