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Relax, investing in property can still be very rewarding.

However, being a landlord has never been more complicated and time consuming, with what seems like and endless stream of new legislation and tax implications, with yet more in the pipeline.    Nearly all the responsibility for getting it right though sits with the Landlord.


Are you confident you or your agent have all your bases covered, that all pieces of legislation have been conformed to, duties of care exercised, and tenancies compliant?

Whether you are an existing landlord or investor, or you are thinking of becoming one, let us help you make that assessment.



Being a landlord today is almost vocational.

There are over 165 pieces of legislation that cover the activity of letting and managing a property with 20 more having been passed in the last 8 years, with more to come.

Of course, not all will be applicable to every tenancy, but you need to know what they are and what they are designed to protect or prevent before you can decide whether they are relevant.  Many carry fines or imprisonment for breaches so there is more work than some people may think in being a compliant landlord.

Then there is best practice and a commercial nous that afford a savvy landlord perfectly legitimate ways to maximise their investments, without it becoming exhaustive.

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How can we help?


We make it our business to make sense of it all.

Having been in the lettings industry for over 20 years, we have advised countless thousands of landlords and investors on how to best manage their portfolios and tenancies.

We have developed a user-friendly compliance health check written in plain English covering all the areas you need to consider as a landlord when renting a property, not just from a compliance perspective, but best practice and best value.

We offer bespoke advisory services on anything from current tenancies to future investment decisions which can be used on an ad hoc basis or part of an ongoing consultancy in conjunction with other property matters.

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