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Blogging is about adding value to your customer's experience

A blog gives you the perfect opportunity to tell your story, establish your authority, build rapport, demonstrate your expertise and experience, and humanise your brand.


Regular editorial, local news & events, topical content, hints, tips and advice are always an easy way to engage with your customers and get them interested in your business.  Remember original content is critical don't be tempted to buy white labelled content that fifty other businesses are also using.


Planning & Strategy: Clients

How can we help?

Tone, Style, Bespoke, Original.

We have years of experience producing timely and topical ghost content for a variety of property businesses and formulating the strategy surrounding it, ranging from longer technical statistical based pieces to shorter more light-hearted and anecdotal ones. The tone and style of any content must fit with the brand and culture of your business, so getting that right is a first key first step. 


Consider your objectives, your customer persona and your competition, to create a road map to provide the framework for subject areas and frequency to dovetail with the demographics and behaviour of your target market.

Bespoke blogs are ones written for your business on a subject specific or relevant to your brand, service and marketplace and ones that get rewarded by search engines for their originality, length, and relevance specifically to your business.  White labelled blogs are produced by copywriters, are generic, short, and sold en masse, but search engine indexing is only interested in original content, and spots duplicates.  It is your blog that gives you frequent opportunities to get more content onto your website without having to create new pages, so getting it right is critical.

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