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Your Brand Embassy

Your Brand Embassy is where you harness the power of your Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors are people who have experienced what your business has to offer first-hand and who are a powerful source of recommendation for others.  You simply need to harness it, create blueprints for building your own Embassy.


They are not just happy clients and customers though that you have done business with, there are thousands of people that will come into touch with your business, some only second-hand, who will have an opinion.  

Some will be Brand Assassins, who will be less in number but are sometimes more powerful.  How do you control the influence of both?


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How can we help?

Culture, Internal, External, Promotion.

As with many other things in the business the number and strength of Ambassadors and Assassins is heavily influenced by the culture of your business from the top down.   How important is it to do a fantastic job for people, to be transparent, honest, and fair, to care about their objectives?  


It is like the Force, people can feel it when they interact with your teams, they just know, your teams know.  It is the red lines, the unspoken word, the body language, the time taken, the empathy.


Ambassadors are both internal and external to the business as are their nemeses.  Staff, staff partners, suppliers, contractors, vendors, landlords, tenants, neighbours of your let properties, community organisations, the list is endless.  How do they all feel?  Do you have a process for finding out?

There are various processes to organise your Ambassadors and promote their views and activities across a variety of platforms, to raise awareness, to drive more traffic to your website, to promote your successes. 


More important is how you identify and deal with your potential Assassins, learn from them, be honest and fair in dealing with complaints.  A potential Assassin correctly handled can instantly become the most powerful Ambassador.  

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