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Business Generation & Development

Generation for now - Development for the future

Finding new customers is obviously a priority for any business, but as important is talking to the ones you already have.  Both will have a relationship with property their whole lives, buying, selling, renting, letting, so you need to make your business relevant to them on that journey.


Having a plan for how you are going to approach both is essential.    Identifying transactional opportunities and nurturing goodwill for the future are equally as important to focus on but how is best to find the right balance between more traditional activities and utilising the world of big data?

Planning & Strategy: Clients

How can we help?

Prospect, Target, Reward, Coach, Review, Repeat.

Generation is developing a canvassing strategy to approach the 95% or so of the marketplace who have chosen to use other agents deals with the transactional opportunities that exist, those who have already decided to sell and let.   What does that look like though?   There are many different techniques but selecting the right ones that work with your brand and culture is critical.  Get it wrong, and you do more harm than good both internally and externally.


Development is creating brand awareness and starting new conversations with local homeowners who are the silent majority in your town and will be driven by your marketing and engagement strategy.    Whether successful or not on a first conversation, it is what you do after that which is most important.  

How you choose to communicate with them and how often is key.  There are many different platforms you can use to help nurture your relationship with them over time, adding value and being relevant.  Asking the question is half the battle, knowing when and what question to ask, which service to offer, when to close is more difficult, but then best handled by skilful, well trained, experienced members of your sales team. 

Create a simple process and routine, set goals and rewards, make it fun, coach and review.

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Planning & Strategy: Clients











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