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Brand & Print Copy

Digital may rule, but there is still a place for print

We haven't reached the brave new world just yet, one where everything is run from front to back in the digital space.  It has taken us 25 years to get to this point and it will probably be another 25 before Gen Y have retired, Gen Z are middle aged and we have stopped reading hard copies whether books, magasines, brochures, newspapers or letters.


With that in mind, it is still important to make sure that you use print media and that your brand proposition, your values and persona are reflected in the content and style of the formats you choose to use.


Planning & Strategy: Clients

How can we help?

Touching Points, Selection, Senses, Production.

Whilst the customer is still the focus of your attentions and efforts in terms of the style and tone of your content in print as well, there is one distinct difference especially as we morph into a digital world.   Touching points.   


Print used to be all we had, there were few choices to be made.  If you wanted information, it was on paper.  Now just about everything can be communicated digitally but there are still touching points with potential customers, opportunities to give them brand and print copy that they will happily accept and read, some even prefer. 


What and when are they?  How much, how little content?  What does the material look like, what does it feel like, does it correctly represent your brand proposition and compliment your brands digital persona?  Leaflets, Canvass Material, Brochures, Area Guides, Editorial, Magasines.  We have been designing and creating brand and print copy for over 20 years.

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