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Brand Development

Branding happens from the inside out

Firstly, you need to define your narrative, your mission, purpose and values.   Integrate that into the business at every level, create a brand culture that defines behaviours and processes that everyone believes in, creates expectation and drives standards.


Once there, only then you can create your products or services, position them in the market.   Articulate them in a design that connects with your customer, gains trust, creates expectation. 


What they see is your business Brand, what you team feel is the business Culture, but they are in effect different views of the same thing.


How can we help?

Identity, Culture, Design, Communication.

A brand is about far more than colours and a logo, which is where most people seem to start, albeit those are necessary to get right.   The methodology of building your brand as with many things in any well-run business is about it having a cultural identity running from top to bottom.


It's about the business, the people first, the look and how you disseminate it second.  We have been involved in brand development brands for nearly 20 years, let us help get you started.












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