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Cross Selling

Most businesses spend thousands attracting new potential customers to their door.  Once there a large proportion of these companies then force them to go and talk to their competitors

Sounds crazy but that is the reality when you don't consider yourselves as a property services company, as opposed to an estate, lettings agent or developer.


Cross selling is an internal moniker for salespeople but instead call it the commercial necessity and opportunity when involved in selling and letting property. 

All your customers expect for you to be able provide these services.  Every time you tell them you don't, you are basically telling them to go and speak to the agent next door who does.

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How can we help?

Network, Compliance, Culture, Training.

The commercial necessity is you want to be able to offer your clients and customers the most comprehensive service you can, whether buying, selling, renting or letting, and most are doing a mixture of those from time to time.  Ideally you want to become a one stop shop, being able to assist them with anything from a mortgage to a gas safety certificate.   


These clients need to access all these peripheral services from someone, so why gift that opportunity to another agent, who then in time might become more useful to them than you.  Moreover, it is also about credibility as many of these are statutory requirements anyway, so keeping that process in house also maintains the integrity of your own compliance.

The commercial opportunity in doing so, additional revenue aside, makes it more likely you will retain a client for life, one who comes back and uses your property services again and again, comfortable in the knowledge that you have a 360 degree understanding of property and the regulations surrounding it.  Additionally, it's an investment in your recruitment brand, making your teams and your business more knowledgeable and confident, more compliant, which in turn helps retain and attract better people and charge fees appropriate to the high standards you maintain.


We have years of experience, creating compliant supplier networks.  All you need to do is foster a can do culture in the business, keep your teams well trained and start asking the question.  Can we help you with that?

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