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Community Campaigns

A genuine ongoing engagement strategy in your community

In a less transactional world, where people move far less often than before, engaging with your future customers now, next week, next month, being in their lives, creating touching points for them to get to know you and your business is vital. 


Deciding what, where, when, how much in any campaign, should feature in your overall marketing strategy and budget whilst at the same time retaining its' own isolated purpose and tone.

The aim is not to ask for the business every time you meet someone, but to create awareness, build trust, credibility, confidence with local people.   In time, they will be asking you.


Planning & Strategy: Clients

How can we help?

Variation, Network, Engage, Nurture.

There are dozens of ways to achieve the first objective of customer awareness in your communities but make sure you vary the how, what, where, when, and make sure it is the right content and value for your customer. 


That variation should always have the objective of creating a network of local people you can build with whom you can then continue to engage.   Once you have established a connection you can then begin to personalise the contact you have with them, and extend that variation further still.

Your aim to nurture your future clients, take them on a journey.  The ways you get your future clients on it will be a mixture of digital, print, PR, and good old fashioned phones calls and face to face introductions.

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