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Social Media

Social Media is not about bricks and mortar, it's about getting personal in a way that no other marketing channel allows you to

You have to be active on social media, as in todays world, that's where all your customers are.  It's an opportunity to communicate socially for free with just about every adult in your marketplace, yet there are so many businesses that don't use it at all or simply post about their services or property. 


Social Media is fun, it's a place where you can interact, tell stories, bond, get to know people, become familiar, gain their trust and at the same time sell them nothing. 


Planning & Strategy: Clients

How can we help?

Channels, Content, Frequency, Engage.

It may be fun, but you still need a plan.   Different platforms have different audiences so deciding which ones and what content on each one is key.  


Posting is about engagement, about networking, gaining people's attention without smothering them, so it needs to be done consistently but not too intensively.  Equally don't entrust it to anyone who sees it as a task, it's more important than that.

Forget about property, unless it is a rare noteworthy one, use a variety of content to show people the culture of your business, behind the scenes, be humorous, be a thought leader, demonstrate your expertise and values, provide updates on things they might find useful, images they won't be able to find easily anywhere else.  Create a social media persona.

We can help you develop yours.

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