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Do you have an immediate challenge that needs resolving?

Everyone needs help or support from time to time, half the battle is spotting that and doing something about it.

It is also not unusual to not get something done having genuinely intended to do so.  There is usually the best of intentions, but there are several reasons why some projects or tasks never get addressed or completed.  

Often it is time and resources, but sometimes it is expertise, experience, or confidence or a unique blend of all of them.   

Let us help you get find some solutions. 

Problem Solving


What a few years it has been for property people.

Firstly, Government legislation has cooled certain parts of the market like buy to let, reducing activity.   Secondly, further legislation has been passed to remove income streams as with the Tenant Fees Act, with others creating more work for everyone especially in lettings.  Thirdly, Brexit and its fallout has simply reduced activity even further.  Landlords are facing more tax, for sellers its harder to find a buyer, for developers, councils are demanding more with planning conditions.

It is in this context we have seen thousands of redundancies in the property sector, notably residential estate agency, hundreds of branch closures, costs being cut back hard to maintain profitability if only in the short term.  Most firms are being very cautious with head count.

The sum total, less confidence, less turnover, more work, more red tape, less time to get things done, more compromises made.

How can we help?


You don’t need to compromise.

Employing a consultant who you can parachute into your business to provide assistance when you need it is the preferred option of many businesses now in context of how to achieve some of the things you want to get done, without being burdened with employing someone full time with all the associated costs and commitments.

We have over 15 years’ experience of providing help to businesses who either don’t have the time or the resources to be able to do it alone or would prefer not to, allowing them to concentrate on running their business.

So, whether you are looking for assistance with an immediate fix to a challenge in your business or you require project management support, get in touch so we can both better understand how we could help you.

Consultancy Services

Collaborative efforts.

If you are looking to improve and grow your business over the coming months and years, there are several intrinsically linked areas to consider that will both increase turnover and drive efficiencies, whether designed to make it more profitable for the current stakeholders involved or maximising value as part of a planned exit strategy.

Here are the 12 essential parts of the jigsaw. Get in touch to set up an initial complimentary consultation.











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