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Leadership for each organisation is hard to define, there is no textbook or website that will give you all the answers

Leadership is personal to you, your teams and your business.   Your vision for the business, the culture you are developing, the type of people you are employing are as individual to you as they are in any other business.

Leaders should not confuse what to do with how to do it.   Of course leaders need to achieve many things to be successful, whether by providing direction and inspiration to their teams with a framework and resources for them to succeed, by communicating effectively, by developing others, by being creative, by making decisions, by fostering teamwork, by delegating, by problem solving, the list is a long one.

How they do those things has as much a bearing on the success of the business, and that style and modus operandi will be individual to you and will evolve day to day, month to month.

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How can we help?

Structure, Train, Empower, Delegate, Release, Review.

The challenge for most is to find the time to focus on what's important to the business, and many get pulled into the trap of working in their business not on their business.


So first you must structure your time that works for you, create red lines to prevent you getting sucked into detail or urgent stuff dictated by others.   Work on what is important to the business but is not urgent, these by definition are your projects or business development plans.  To start with this may be a challenge but the process has multiple fronts.   


In conjunction, to start with spend as much of your important time on training your teams, empowering them to make decisions, deal with that everyday stuff.  As they become more capable delegate more, make yourself dispensable, so you spend more time asking questions not giving answers.

When you succeed you will be released to spend more of that valuable time working on the business, walking around the business, spending time with your teams, adding your value to what and where you feel it is needed, where your expertise and your presence will make a real difference.


Finally, everyone needs someone to talk to, use that as an opportunity to sense check how you think things are going with a regular 1 to 1 session with someone who knows what your shoes feel like to wear.

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